Manufacturer of World-Class Spas  


Quality Craftsmanship and Components

Dear Prospective Dealer,

Granted, it's a challenge. Given the entrenched popular perception that "you get what you pay for," it can be difficult to persuade potential customers that Cayman Spas provides the same quality as brands that cost thousands more. Many of our competitors attempt to take advantage of the dynamic by offering spas that cost nearly as much as a new economy car — propping up steep prices with fancy advertising and marketing campaigns. At Cayman Spas, our competitive advantage has actually increased with the economic downturn.

Cayman Spas uses only the most reliable and highest quality components:

  • Lucite™ acrylic shells backed with multi-layer fiberglass (vinylester and polyester)
  • Waterway™ 56-frame heavy duty pumps
  • Gecko™ digital controls
  • Del Industries™ ozone-purification ozonator
  • Low maintenence Permawood synthetic cabinets
  • High density foam insulation
  • Lockable, thermal, tapered cover for maximum energy efficiency

We encourage you to comparison shop. You will find that many of our more expensive competitors use the same components we use. We also offer an exceptional warranty and world-class customer service, so there is no reason to take a hit by paying more elsewhere.


Terry Koss
V.P. European Exportation
Cayman Spas International